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Inexperienced Tea: Inexperienced tea is wealthy in polyphenols and antioxidants, each of that are extremely helpful to your well being. It is without doubt one of the few teas that aren’t closely processed, which permits it to protect its unique vitamins and texture whereas nonetheless providing drinkers a variety of advantages. Proof suggests inexperienced tea’s potential to scale back irritation makes it helpful for stopping stress, pores and skin issues, arthritis, and cavities within the enamel.

Some reviews counsel that consuming inexperienced tea or another natural tea is an efficient observe. The very best time to drink inexperienced tea or any natural tea after meals could also be a superb observe.

Consuming inexperienced tea after meals shouldn’t be advisable since it will possibly stop the digestive system from correctly absorbing very important vitamins. Inexperienced tea definitely hastens the manufacturing and acceleration of quite a lot of digestive enzymes, together with gastric juice, saliva, and bile, to assist with digestion. 

Nonetheless, the vitamins will not be adequately absorbed if you happen to drink it proper after consuming as a result of the polyphenols and caffeine will intrude with digestion. Moreover, it would dilute the digestive juices, inflicting indigestion.

Inexperienced tea may be consumed 30 to 45 minutes after a meal if you happen to select to take action. Nonetheless, two hours earlier than or after meals is the very best time to drink inexperienced tea as a way to take pleasure in its advantages.


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Advantages of consuming inexperienced tea

– Higher nutrient absorption can be aided by consuming inexperienced tea or natural tea.

– It’s well-known to alleviate Irregular Bowel Syndrome signs and intestinal fuel.

– Aids with weight reduction.

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