Ought to we STOP consuming momos? 7 explanation why momos might be unhealthy for well being | Well being Information

Momos are our favorite meals, what’s to not love in these yummy dumplings full of meat or veggies or each? Steamed or fried, curry or tandoori varieties, and momos have been extensively standard. And within the winter season, the enjoyment of consuming momos is one thing else! However do you know that there are some risks related to consuming your favorite meals? Dr Priyanka Rohatgi, Chief Nutritionist, Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, spoke about a number of the 

1) In accordance with stories, momos are made with refined flour after which handled with dangerous chemical compounds like Azodicarbonamide, Chlorinegas, Benzoyl Peroxide, and different bleaches. These chemical compounds adversely have an effect on well being and might harm the pancreas and spike blood sugar ranges.

2)  The stuffings in momo are sometimes unhygienic and might result in critical well being points and infections. Some scary stories have come to the fore which stated that whereas the veggies are stale, much more scary are non-veg momos the place the meat used is reportedly of chickens lifeless a very long time!

3) Momos are made from maida and are therefore not good for well being. It could even result in constipation. Maida additionally has a excessive glycemic index, which results in excessive blood sugar too.

4) The crimson chilli powder utilized by momo distributors is usually not of nice high quality. If folks eat an excessive amount of of spicy meals, it will probably additionally trigger bleeding hemorrhoids or piles.

5) Mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) in momos is a reason behind extreme well being concern. Not solely does it result in weight problems, but additionally results in a variety of well being points like nervous dysfunction, sweating, chest ache nausea and palpitations.

6) In accordance with a report within the Occasions of India, an Institute of Resort Administration, Catering and Diet, Pusa, the research confirmed that Delhi road meals, together with momos, contained faecal matter a lot past the permissible coliform ranges.

7) The greens utilized in momos, particularly cabbages, can show to be harmful. If they aren’t cooked correctly, they will include spores of tapeworm. Tapeworms can attain the mind and result in life-threatening situations. So it is crucial to watch out. 



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