Bigg Boss 16 Day 65: Ankit turns into new captain, Shalin calls Tina Datta ‘dangerous loser’ | Tv Information

NEW DELHI: Archana Gautam and Saundarya speak about Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot’s bond in the home and say they’re faking it. Archana says host Salman Khan has additionally pointed about it now. Abdu tells Shiv that everytime he tries to speak to Nimrit, Shiv is available in between. Archana tells Priyanka that Ankit reminds her of the lead actor in ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’. 

Nimrit steps down as the home captain. The hunt for brand new captain commences. Housemates participate in a ‘Keechad Dhobi ghat’ activity to compete for captaincy. Priyanka and Soundarya criticise Sajid for serving to Sumbul. Shiv yells when Priyanka continues even after the gong goes off. Quickly everybody begins to speak over one another.

Nimrit kicks Shalin out. Bigg Boss intervenes and says that the top outcomes ought to be declared solely after the present captain inspects the whole lot first. Nimrit declares Priyanka because the loser of the primary spherical, and Shalin the winner.

Shalin wins the primary spherical and knocks Sumbul out of the race. He says that the rationale was as a result of he feels that she wants extra time to be able to be the home’s captain. Sumbul declares that everybody is concentrating on her, and leaves in a huff. She will get right into a loud argument with Priyanka.

After Sumbul will get eradicated from the duty, Bigg Boss makes her ‘Sanchalak.’ Ankit wins the duty and turns into the brand new captain, defeating Priyanka.

He assigns Priyanka and Sajid in Room 2 and saves them from elimination. He then goes onto allocate the rooms to the remainder of the housemates.

Tina Datta expresses that Shalin helped Priyanka with the captaincy problem and didn’t damage her sport. Nonetheless, Shalin disagrees together with her and informs her that he didn’t assist her in any manner. They get into an argument and Tina turns into livid. Soundarya is disillusioned with Ankit since, after changing into captain, he didn’t prioritise her whereas allocating rooms.

Shalin and Soundarya tease and have enjoyable with one another over a shower towel. Nimrit is known as into the confession room. Bigg Boss asks if Nimrit is joyful now that Ankit is captain. Nimrit says that Ankit did the proper factor by saving Sajid. Bigg Boss asks the place she stands with Ankit.

Soundarya says that Ankit ought to have saved her since she washed so a lot of Ankit’s garments. Bigg Boss asks how Ankit feels.

Priyanka says that Sajid began to assist him solely after Sumbul was out of the race. She additionally provides that Soundarya had supported him loads.

Abdu tells Nimrit and Shiv that Sajid appears to be exhausted after not consuming meals. Nimrit and Shiv resolve to offer Sajid as quickly as doable.

Soundarya sobs saying that her drawback is that she cares an excessive amount of about folks, and talks to Archana and Priyanka. Archana tells Priyanka that Ankit won’t be able to talk freely in Priyanka’s presence. Priyanka takes offence and turns into emotional. The 2 hug and make up. 

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